Sunday, December 27, 2009

ICE FISHING at Strawberry- Dec 09

I decided to hit up Strawberry this last weekend along with some of the Whimpey family and we had a great day fishing. We picked a perfect day to go as far as the weather. It was sunny and had no wind. We caught some good really nice cutts and some smaller rainbows. Here are the pics:

I really wish I could claim this cutt as my own. It was a 23 inch monster. Just bigger than my big cutt. I just had to take a picture with this beast cause it was so big. My wife's bro in law caught this one.

This was my fishing hole that caught two of the big cutts. Even better was my mountain dew cooler.

This was my first big cutt of the day. It was 20 inches, just barely to small to keep!

This was the last cutt of the day. We were just about done fishing when my pole started to move, I grabbed it and reeled in this nice 22 inch cutt!

Idaho Rainbows and even more snow! OCT 09

Me and Gilbert dreamed of hitting up the Henrys Fork of the Snake River, in Idaho. We had heard stories of big rainbows and awesome scenery. We finally had the chance to go up there over the Halloween weekend. We would much rather catch big rainbows than eat candy! As we were getting close to the town and river, we started to get into snow...a lot of snow! In fact, we had to push the jetta through the snow out of some parking lots! We decided to stop in at one the 4(yes 4) fly shops in the little town. and these were not just small fly shops, they were big! The guy in there thought we were crazy for going out in the weather to fish, but as it turned out, we had both stretches of the famous Henrys Fork all to ourselves. We did not even see another soul in two days. It was great. We had fun and even caught some pretty good fish.

Here is Box Canyon, just below the Dam below Island Park.
Here is a stretch of Box Canyon

Rapids of Coffee Pots
Coffee pots rainbow, biggest of the trip by far!
Gilbert, with the second biggest fish we caught on the trip
Coffee pots. Notice the fog.
Here is a cool photo just downstream from coffee pots.
Here is Gilbert, fishing a stretch of Coffee pots

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Strawberry Res. Fall 09

Well, we had heard that fishing is really good up at strawberry for some big cutts in the fall and we went to find out. Here are a couple of pics of one I caught and here troy is holding the biggest fish of the day caught on none other than brad's minnow rod. Its puny and it took forever to get this 21 inch cutt in. Troy has a pole but its a pole that is used to catch 15 foot sharks, not 20 inch trout. I have a pic or two of Brad and My old man but I have not recieved those pics and will put them up on here as soon as I get them. We did have fun and caught a good number of cutts and even a rainbow or two. Me, Brad, Troy and my Dad went.

Midway Irrigation pond- Summer 09

Doesn't my wife look so smokin hot with a hat on and a nice fish in her hand? I think she looks smoking hot. The only problem with this day was that she out fished me. Yup. She caught that one fish and I got skunked. Oh well. I am okay with my wife and my wife only out fishing me. No one else can, or is allowed.

Middle Provo Fall 09

The middle provo has been fishing quite well for me this fall. I have hooked into quite a few browns and white fish. This pic here is one that I caught and it was just over 18 inches and has been my big catch out of there this fall.

Monday, November 2, 2009


Yes it is true. What is even more incredible is that is was Heidi's idea. I was shocked but very pleased that she wanted to come along and witness how I fish. It was the best date I had ever been on! I think Heidi would say the same. Just take my word on that, you don't need to ask her. Here are some of the pics. I feel bad that I was so busy fishing that I didn't take time to even take a picture of my beautiful wife. I will repent of this when she decides to come with me again. Flows were running pretty good, and with my wife not used to doing this, she fell in. Lucky for her, I was right next to her and I was able grab her arm before she took a swim. She felt good having a strong man like me to save her! HA

Man, my wife takes awesome pictures. This must be a huge fish since I have it on the end of my line!

I guess I look happy to have a fish on the end of my line. The pic above and below are the same fish and Heidi thinks I look happier having a fish on the end of my line than when I see her. I disagree, and say that I look happy with a fish on and when I see her!

Here are a couple of my catches.

Looks like another big boy or kohler brownie with the rod bent like it is!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Spanish Fork October 2009

Well, I hate to admit this, but Gilbert finally convinced me to fish the spanish fork river with him for an entire day. We had alot of fun and luckily hooked into some nice browns. Here are some of the pics:
A nice double we pulled out of same hole!

It had some incredible scenery!

Here is another nice brown

This here was my big catch of the day after some hard work to finally get one!

This here was Gilberts big catch, which occurred on about the second or third cast of the day. Lucky son of a gun. It was probably because he left his unlucky red hat at home!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Middle Provo- July 18, '09

Today was the 2nd time in about a week that I set out for the middle provo. Me and Gilbert have been wanting to learn and fish the middle for some time and we have the chance this last week. Today was awesome. I went out very early to try and beat the crowd and the heat. I got there about 6:30 am and for about an hour, I was getting very discouraged because I could not catch even a little one. But things would change for me. I had tried a few different patterns that was not working so I tried something that I had tied up but not yet tried...a soft hackle Olive hair's ear. It worked wonders! I ended up catching about 14 fish on the day and the last 3 fish made my arm more tired than it had even been fishing. I found what I now call the new middle honey hole and it produced some good fish. Here are the pics below and a description of each fish catching experience. I only had my phone camera which pretty much stinks but it did capture some okay pics. But overall, it was a great morning of fishing!

This was the 1st fish out of the hole. 18 inches baby! Very good heathy brown trout that i had to land on the bank because I could not get it close enough to my net!

This was the same fish as above. Notice how open my hands are as I am holding it!

This bad boy was the 3rd and final out of the hole. It was only about 15 inches(maybe even 14!) but I could not get it in and to land it, I had to cross the river to get to a good bank to land it on and I ended up slipping on a rock and tumbled into the river. My waders filled up but I managed to keep the fish on the line.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Fish Creek-Spring 09

this here fish was another healthy 17 inch brown!

21 Inches baby!

Wow. What a spring at fish creek. Me, Gilbert and his brother luke went out there and our luck, it was a very rainy day. Good for fishing though. These two pictures are hard to see because of the the glare but it was a 21 inch fat heathly brown trout! It was freakin awesome to reel in. I caught it in gilberts favorite hole(or close to it!) on a rainbow sow bug. I had a hard time grabbing it because it was so fat. It was also a landmark day. I outfished Gilbert(i have never been able to say that!) I hope one day I can say that again but it was a good day of fishing. Gilbert always rubs it in to me, that why I had to say that. The only bad part of the day was that shortly into our day, Lukes pole broke and it kinda ruined his day. All in all it was a memorable day once again at fish creek!
Here I am in action. If you look close you will see that my net, jacket, and hat are all shades of blue... I really try to color coordinate my outfits, I feel it helps me fish better. If only I had a dirty old red hat I think I would fish better all the time. One day maybe I will be good enough to fish while wearing a sexy dirty red hat... until then I will have to settle for new clean blue hats I guess. Enjoy ;)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

FISH CREEK-April 2009

Fish Creek....the title of this little stream says it all. a creek with more fish than water. Me and Gilbert had been itching to go up there for awhile and lucky for me, it rained/snowed the day we were planning on going which meant that I couldn't work. Me and Gilbert headed up there and after we got there on a cold snowy day(don't worry, it didn't dampen our spirits even though it didnt stop snowing the entire time we were there) we found that flows on the creek were ideal. The fish were hungary(especially for pheasant tail nymphs handmade by Derek) and we had good luck. Of course Gilbert beat me as far as the number of fish landed which we lost count of towards the end because we were catching so many, but the title of biggest fish went to me(sorry Gilbert!). We have our favorite hole we call "honey hole" and we decided to hit it as we were walking out and thought we would only be there a few minutes and stayed more than an hour. We kept taking turns casting into the same, let me repeat the same hole and we both kept reeling them in. All in all, it was a great day of fishing.

Lower Provo- Spring 2009

Troy has finally started fishing with me and this was his first catch up on the middle provo. The river was running high that day and right after he caught this fish, he tryed to cross back over the river and he decided to take a lil swim! It was definitly worth the catch!

Brad here caught a good brown one day that i was able to convince him to come down the canyon and go fishing with me!

This here fish was the first fish that decided a fly that I had tied up looked quite tasty!

This day me and Gilbert set out for the lower provo on a pretty cold but good day for fishing. Sorry I have no pics of Gilbert but we had a great day and even at one point, we both were reeling in fish out of the same hole! I almost outfished Gilbert but not quite. I am still working and learning so one day, I will go fishing with Gilbert and end up landing more fish than him. We'll see if it happens!