Monday, January 11, 2010

ICY Olive PT

This here fly is one of my favorite patterns that I just tied up at the end of this last year and it worked great for me. Its the first video that I have ever made and after viewing it myself, there are a few things I will do to make it a better video in the future. I hope you not only enjoy tying this pattern, but that you also enjoy catching some big fish on this pattern just like I have!!!!! ENJOY!!!!
ps-I realized after that I put the wrong video on and its not good quality at all so I will hopefully put the the right one on soon.

Hook: 12-18 TMC 2488
Bead: Silver tungston 7/64
Tail: Olive pheasant tail fibers
Body: Olive Pheasant tail fibers
Rib: Green BR wire
Thorax: Olive ice dub