Saturday, July 18, 2009

Middle Provo- July 18, '09

Today was the 2nd time in about a week that I set out for the middle provo. Me and Gilbert have been wanting to learn and fish the middle for some time and we have the chance this last week. Today was awesome. I went out very early to try and beat the crowd and the heat. I got there about 6:30 am and for about an hour, I was getting very discouraged because I could not catch even a little one. But things would change for me. I had tried a few different patterns that was not working so I tried something that I had tied up but not yet tried...a soft hackle Olive hair's ear. It worked wonders! I ended up catching about 14 fish on the day and the last 3 fish made my arm more tired than it had even been fishing. I found what I now call the new middle honey hole and it produced some good fish. Here are the pics below and a description of each fish catching experience. I only had my phone camera which pretty much stinks but it did capture some okay pics. But overall, it was a great morning of fishing!

This was the 1st fish out of the hole. 18 inches baby! Very good heathy brown trout that i had to land on the bank because I could not get it close enough to my net!

This was the same fish as above. Notice how open my hands are as I am holding it!

This bad boy was the 3rd and final out of the hole. It was only about 15 inches(maybe even 14!) but I could not get it in and to land it, I had to cross the river to get to a good bank to land it on and I ended up slipping on a rock and tumbled into the river. My waders filled up but I managed to keep the fish on the line.