Friday, December 10, 2010

Winter Fishing

As winter is upon us, I reflect on the past season and I am somewhat sad to see the warm weather go. During the past few years, I have decided that the only real good reason to live in a climate where snow falls is that there are trout streams. With that being said, I am glad the cold weather is here. This past year I started in with the euro nymphing and it has been fun to learn and fish with this technique. It has caught an amazing amount of trout around this area throughout the year, as well, as quite a few whitefish! Last winter, I struggled to catch lots of fish. It was frustrating, but I hope to change that this winter. The other best part about winter fishing is that I end up having the river, or a lot of it, to myself. I don't have to bushwhack around the other anglers to try and find the next hole in the river. I simply just keep moving upstream without the nuisance of other anglers. It's not that I don't like other anglers, I love to see others out enjoying the sport I love, but it's nice not to have to jump them.

My winter fishing started yesterday as I hit up the Lower Provo and only saw one other angler. Fishing was better than expected as I caught some nice browns.

Tying flies has also been fun this year. Gilbert and I have our fly tying blog ( up and running so go there to check out our latest patterns. Lately I have been into weaving flies. I haven't fished with the patterns to much yet as I have been trying to perfect the weave. Hopefully we can have some weaved flies up on our website in the next few months.
I hope you all are as excited as me to get out and enjoy the fishing here in the winter, hopefully with lots of snow!!!

Doesn't all this snow look fun?