Monday, June 29, 2009

Fish Creek-Spring 09

this here fish was another healthy 17 inch brown!

21 Inches baby!

Wow. What a spring at fish creek. Me, Gilbert and his brother luke went out there and our luck, it was a very rainy day. Good for fishing though. These two pictures are hard to see because of the the glare but it was a 21 inch fat heathly brown trout! It was freakin awesome to reel in. I caught it in gilberts favorite hole(or close to it!) on a rainbow sow bug. I had a hard time grabbing it because it was so fat. It was also a landmark day. I outfished Gilbert(i have never been able to say that!) I hope one day I can say that again but it was a good day of fishing. Gilbert always rubs it in to me, that why I had to say that. The only bad part of the day was that shortly into our day, Lukes pole broke and it kinda ruined his day. All in all it was a memorable day once again at fish creek!
Here I am in action. If you look close you will see that my net, jacket, and hat are all shades of blue... I really try to color coordinate my outfits, I feel it helps me fish better. If only I had a dirty old red hat I think I would fish better all the time. One day maybe I will be good enough to fish while wearing a sexy dirty red hat... until then I will have to settle for new clean blue hats I guess. Enjoy ;)