Thursday, November 5, 2009

Strawberry Res. Fall 09

Well, we had heard that fishing is really good up at strawberry for some big cutts in the fall and we went to find out. Here are a couple of pics of one I caught and here troy is holding the biggest fish of the day caught on none other than brad's minnow rod. Its puny and it took forever to get this 21 inch cutt in. Troy has a pole but its a pole that is used to catch 15 foot sharks, not 20 inch trout. I have a pic or two of Brad and My old man but I have not recieved those pics and will put them up on here as soon as I get them. We did have fun and caught a good number of cutts and even a rainbow or two. Me, Brad, Troy and my Dad went.

Midway Irrigation pond- Summer 09

Doesn't my wife look so smokin hot with a hat on and a nice fish in her hand? I think she looks smoking hot. The only problem with this day was that she out fished me. Yup. She caught that one fish and I got skunked. Oh well. I am okay with my wife and my wife only out fishing me. No one else can, or is allowed.

Middle Provo Fall 09

The middle provo has been fishing quite well for me this fall. I have hooked into quite a few browns and white fish. This pic here is one that I caught and it was just over 18 inches and has been my big catch out of there this fall.

Monday, November 2, 2009


Yes it is true. What is even more incredible is that is was Heidi's idea. I was shocked but very pleased that she wanted to come along and witness how I fish. It was the best date I had ever been on! I think Heidi would say the same. Just take my word on that, you don't need to ask her. Here are some of the pics. I feel bad that I was so busy fishing that I didn't take time to even take a picture of my beautiful wife. I will repent of this when she decides to come with me again. Flows were running pretty good, and with my wife not used to doing this, she fell in. Lucky for her, I was right next to her and I was able grab her arm before she took a swim. She felt good having a strong man like me to save her! HA

Man, my wife takes awesome pictures. This must be a huge fish since I have it on the end of my line!

I guess I look happy to have a fish on the end of my line. The pic above and below are the same fish and Heidi thinks I look happier having a fish on the end of my line than when I see her. I disagree, and say that I look happy with a fish on and when I see her!

Here are a couple of my catches.

Looks like another big boy or kohler brownie with the rod bent like it is!