Monday, November 2, 2009


Yes it is true. What is even more incredible is that is was Heidi's idea. I was shocked but very pleased that she wanted to come along and witness how I fish. It was the best date I had ever been on! I think Heidi would say the same. Just take my word on that, you don't need to ask her. Here are some of the pics. I feel bad that I was so busy fishing that I didn't take time to even take a picture of my beautiful wife. I will repent of this when she decides to come with me again. Flows were running pretty good, and with my wife not used to doing this, she fell in. Lucky for her, I was right next to her and I was able grab her arm before she took a swim. She felt good having a strong man like me to save her! HA

Man, my wife takes awesome pictures. This must be a huge fish since I have it on the end of my line!

I guess I look happy to have a fish on the end of my line. The pic above and below are the same fish and Heidi thinks I look happier having a fish on the end of my line than when I see her. I disagree, and say that I look happy with a fish on and when I see her!

Here are a couple of my catches.

Looks like another big boy or kohler brownie with the rod bent like it is!

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  1. Nice date! Only one question... where are the pics of you landing the big "Kohlr" browns? All those look puny! If you want to borrow my hat sometime just ask. I'm sure I will tell you no, but you can ask anyway. Were you disgracing that beautiful Jazz hat by catching tiny brownies? WOW you really slumped low that day. Should have worn that ugly old NC blue hat. One more thing, you should buy Heidi a trout costume for Halloween next year so you will give her some attention, sheezz you are such a crappy husband!