Saturday, April 18, 2009

FISH CREEK-April 2009

Fish Creek....the title of this little stream says it all. a creek with more fish than water. Me and Gilbert had been itching to go up there for awhile and lucky for me, it rained/snowed the day we were planning on going which meant that I couldn't work. Me and Gilbert headed up there and after we got there on a cold snowy day(don't worry, it didn't dampen our spirits even though it didnt stop snowing the entire time we were there) we found that flows on the creek were ideal. The fish were hungary(especially for pheasant tail nymphs handmade by Derek) and we had good luck. Of course Gilbert beat me as far as the number of fish landed which we lost count of towards the end because we were catching so many, but the title of biggest fish went to me(sorry Gilbert!). We have our favorite hole we call "honey hole" and we decided to hit it as we were walking out and thought we would only be there a few minutes and stayed more than an hour. We kept taking turns casting into the same, let me repeat the same hole and we both kept reeling them in. All in all, it was a great day of fishing.

Lower Provo- Spring 2009

Troy has finally started fishing with me and this was his first catch up on the middle provo. The river was running high that day and right after he caught this fish, he tryed to cross back over the river and he decided to take a lil swim! It was definitly worth the catch!

Brad here caught a good brown one day that i was able to convince him to come down the canyon and go fishing with me!

This here fish was the first fish that decided a fly that I had tied up looked quite tasty!

This day me and Gilbert set out for the lower provo on a pretty cold but good day for fishing. Sorry I have no pics of Gilbert but we had a great day and even at one point, we both were reeling in fish out of the same hole! I almost outfished Gilbert but not quite. I am still working and learning so one day, I will go fishing with Gilbert and end up landing more fish than him. We'll see if it happens!

Provo River Fall 2008

Fall brought some pretty good fishing on the provo. As you can see I really didn't take any pictures besides this one of a brown I caught on the middle provo. I finally got my brother Brad out and fishing and because of this, we ended up fishing more than working like we should have been. But I don't see any problem with this!

Lower Provo River- Spring 2008

This is where I started my quest to become a fly fisherman. Once again this is all Gilbert's fault. He actually was really good and patient with me and is the reason I am such a good fly fisherman nowadays! Here are just a couple pictures of both of us.

American Fork Creek- Summer 2008

I once again was able to convince my wife to head up to a new stream with me to fish. This time I let her fish a little bit and she caught her first fish on a fly rod! I will try to enlarge the photo but you still may need a magnifying glass to see it. It must have been really hungary though as it took a size 14 hairs ear!

Fish Creek, Spring 2008

Fish Creek is probably my favorite stream to fish and here are a few pictures of one of my 1st trips there. I even convinced my wife to come along. She didn't really fish at all but she did take some good pictures! It was actually a pretty cold day and was snowing while we were driving there but lucky for me and my wife, it stopped as soon as we started walking. The snow made for some good pictures.

The start of it.....

Not long after I married my wife Heidi, she asked me if I would ever like to go fishing with her dad(her dad goes to Alaska often to fish!) and I told her that I was pretty sure that I wouldn't want to because fishing was boring. I don't really know what was going on through my head when I said that. Nowadays, fishing is all I can think about(besides my beautiful wife of course!). It all started early in the year 2008 when my friend Gilbert invited me to go. At the time, I was working with him doing tile and we weren't busy one day and he convinced me(maybe the bad economy has done me at least one favor, not being busy at work one day!) Since then, all free money and time has been spent on getting prepared for and fishing. Thanks Gilbert!