Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lower Provo- Spring 2009

Troy has finally started fishing with me and this was his first catch up on the middle provo. The river was running high that day and right after he caught this fish, he tryed to cross back over the river and he decided to take a lil swim! It was definitly worth the catch!

Brad here caught a good brown one day that i was able to convince him to come down the canyon and go fishing with me!

This here fish was the first fish that decided a fly that I had tied up looked quite tasty!

This day me and Gilbert set out for the lower provo on a pretty cold but good day for fishing. Sorry I have no pics of Gilbert but we had a great day and even at one point, we both were reeling in fish out of the same hole! I almost outfished Gilbert but not quite. I am still working and learning so one day, I will go fishing with Gilbert and end up landing more fish than him. We'll see if it happens!

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  1. To bad I didn't know how to use my new camera or we would have a cool pic of the double. I'm sure it will happen again!