Sunday, December 27, 2009

Idaho Rainbows and even more snow! OCT 09

Me and Gilbert dreamed of hitting up the Henrys Fork of the Snake River, in Idaho. We had heard stories of big rainbows and awesome scenery. We finally had the chance to go up there over the Halloween weekend. We would much rather catch big rainbows than eat candy! As we were getting close to the town and river, we started to get into snow...a lot of snow! In fact, we had to push the jetta through the snow out of some parking lots! We decided to stop in at one the 4(yes 4) fly shops in the little town. and these were not just small fly shops, they were big! The guy in there thought we were crazy for going out in the weather to fish, but as it turned out, we had both stretches of the famous Henrys Fork all to ourselves. We did not even see another soul in two days. It was great. We had fun and even caught some pretty good fish.

Here is Box Canyon, just below the Dam below Island Park.
Here is a stretch of Box Canyon

Rapids of Coffee Pots
Coffee pots rainbow, biggest of the trip by far!
Gilbert, with the second biggest fish we caught on the trip
Coffee pots. Notice the fog.
Here is a cool photo just downstream from coffee pots.
Here is Gilbert, fishing a stretch of Coffee pots

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