Saturday, March 27, 2010

Middle Provo and the big BURK!

After hitting my favorite spot on the Lower Provo, I went and hit my favorite spot on the middle today. I caught a lot of smaller browns and two 12-13 inch rainbows. After getting sick of catching smaller fish, I went and explored the burkemshaw(spelling??) There was a good hole and I caught lots of fish, and even one brown that surprised me. They were absolutely nailing the purple wooly bugger and I had lots of fun. Here are a couple of pics I took while there.

This here fishy was caught by a Derek Kohler creation "copper kohler bugger". Not only were the fish eating this fly, but they were coming out of their way to snatch this fly. It provided good entertainment for me and my brother Brad.


  1. The big BURK? I thought you changed the name of Kohler brownies to BURKS since your average size brown is down considerably this year. Its not that you are catching only small fish, you just caught so many big ones last year that its hard to match. When are you going to come fishing with me so you can regain your luck of catching big fish? If you want I will let you borrow old red.

  2. first of all, I am glad that you noticed ALL of the big fish I caught last year. It was an epic year and will be hard to match, but good ole czech nymphing has increased my catch rate. Season just started so with catch rate up, big fish are bound to come. And please, dispose of that red/brown hat. I never want to see it again.