Saturday, March 27, 2010

Days to Remember - March 25, 2010

March has been one of my favorite times to hit the Provo. Once the blue wings start coming off, the fish seem to crawl out of where ever the heck they like to hide in the winter and start eating. I decided to hit my favorite spot on the lower provo, of which I can't disclose, and it was amazing! I had once heard a guy say he had caught 50+ fish in one day, and I just kinda laughed because I didn't think it was possible.....
I was wrong. I fished for about 4-5 hours and I easily caught 50+ fish, and it could have been more had I landed all of them. I was happy to see fish everywhere! They were active and feeding, and it paid off to have the right fly......thee OLIVE BRASSIE. I even landed about a 18-19 inch rainbow that was hard to get in my net. I also landed my first double!! I was quite surprised as I was fishing a hole, and 2 fish came rolling out and fighting. I wasn't able to take the picture until I finally got them both in my net, but it was pretty cool. Enjoy the pictures, and Gilbert, tie up some olive brassies and use them and you too, will have a day to remember!!!!!

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  1. Nice pics! They aren't half bad for being taken with such a lousy phone. I don't know why that fish had a white head, that looked weird in the pic you sent me. Anywho, that is probably the best day fishing you have ever had. Sorry I wasn't there to enjoy it with you. Next time...