Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Late Winter FISHING!!!!

Late winter has provided some pretty darn good fishing despite the cold weather. I have fished both the Lower Provo and the Middle Provo, of which I have caught some pretty good browns. I also took a trip to the South Fork of the snake river in early February with Gilbert and a Devin Olsen. We got there and we were lucky enough for it to be beautiful weather, and the fishing was even better. We caught lots of whitefish and even threw in some nice lookin cutts.
Late Winter has also brought me a new way of fishing....the new and only way to nymph. Gilbert had been using this method of czech nymphing with a french style leader setup and I finally jumped on board. The first real time I used it was at south fork and it worked out great for me. In fact, towards the end of the day, we found this long deep stretch of water and we ended up staying there for a good hour catching whitefish. We had to end for two reasons. First, it was starting to get late so we had to start making our way back to car, and second because my arm was so darn tired of pulling in fish. The olive opa worked magic. I am still getting used to this style of nymphing but I am looking foward to learning this way of fishing and catching lots of fish as the warm season is quickly approaching us.

This was my first fish of the day. I had to try my new colored opa and on my fourth of fifth cast, I caught this beauty! The lavender opa is one of new favorites considering it caught a couple other nice fish this day!

This rainbow on the middle took the famous rowley stone!

Gilberts nice Cutt on South Fork

There were midges everywhere and all day on the Lower Provo!

This was probably the best lookin cutt of the day at South Fork and Devin caught it.